Fleet Tracking

Fleet Dashboard:  You can access the Fleet Dashboard by clicking the Fleet button at the top of the screen.

Note: To enable Swoop's Fleet Tracking, please download our Mobile Android Driver Application 'Swoop Driver' from the Google Play Store. Please contact Swoop regarding integrating your existing GPS or Fleet Tracking solution into Swoop, as we currently do have several integration options. 

The Driver Job Updates:  One of the greatest parts about Swoop's fleet tracking is the way that the driver app and the dispatching dashboard work together.  Drivers are able to update the status of the job directly from their app in real time.

1)  The dispatcher assigns the new job to a driver in the New Job creation screen.

2)  The driver receives the phone in his app and accepts the job.

3)  The job status is updated in the Active tab of the dashboard.

4)  The driver navigates to the job site.  Once he arrives he will update the job status on the phone

5)  The job in the dashboard changes to display the driver's actions.

6)  Once the driver completes the job he will mark the job completed and the job will move to the Done tab in the dispatcher dashboard.



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