Edit Details: Take Pictures, Scan VINs, and Edit Invoices

Upon arrival to the job site, you can edit any details required.


You may also want to take pictures for claims purposes, or scan the VIN of the vehicle to make sure you're not working on the wrong car.  Swoop makes this easy.


Taking Pictures

1) Scroll to the bottom of the job details and click "Photos".

2) Click on the camera icon, which will open the camera on your device.

3) Pictures that are taken will immediately appear on the dispatcher's dashboard.


Vin Scanning

1) Click the "Scan" button next to the VIN bar.  This will open the camera on your device.

Please note: the vehicle must have a bar code, and not just a number, in order for VIN scanning to work.

2) Once you've taken a picture of the VIN, you can click the "Lookup" button, which will test the current job information against the VIN scan results.  The Swoop driver app will then either confirm the VIN is correct, or suggest the new vehicle details replace the old.

Edit Invoices

You have the ability to edit both invoice notes, as well as invoice amounts directly from the driver app.

Please note: this feature must be activated by your administrator, and is off by default.



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