Swoop Best Practices



Swoop supports the following browsers for desktop use:

  • Recommended: Google Chrome (Current Version)
  • Firefox (current version recommended)
  • Safari (versions 6.1 and higher)
  • Not Supported: Internet Explorer 

*Note: you may experience issues while using Swoop if you are not using Google Chrome.
Download Google Chrome




Here at Swoop, our goal is to make your job easier. However, we want you to stay safe while using our mobile application. Please abide by State Law for cell phone usage in a motor vehicle. 

  •  We recommend using mobile cradles & mounts that are vehicle friendly. 

Best Practices

Ensure that your Swoop Towing Application is always up to date.

  • Android and iOS Devices have automatic update features that can be switched on (Recommended).

When first signing in.

  • Allow All permissions.

Battery Usage.

  • The Swoop Towing Application has low battery usage. However, if it is used in conjunction with a mobile navigation app such as "Google Maps", that application will drain the device battery at a faster rate.
  • We recommend using a mobile car charger if you are using mobile navigation with the same device.

Data Usage.

  • Data usage is low on regular use cases. Adding photos to a job will increase the data usage by a small margin.



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