Rates Overview

Swoop offers the most powerful rates system on the market.  You may set default rates and account-specific rates for each account your company works with.  You may set different types of rates according to the job performed, or set a default rate type for all of your jobs.

Rate Types:  Swoop offers a variety of rate types depending on the service being performed.

  • Hourly (Port to Port): Hourly charge applied to the estimated time from port to port
  • Mileage (Towed):  Hookup rate + mileage for loaded miles
  • Mileage (En Route + Towed):  Hookup rate + mileage for loaded and en route miles
  • Mileage (Port to Port):  Hookup rate + mileage from port to port
  • Flat: Flat fee

Rates Dashboard:  The rates dashboard can be found in the Settings screen under the Rates tab.


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