Navigating the Dashboard

When you first log in you will be presented with the main dispatching dashboard.

The Active tab displays jobs that are currently Pending or In-Progress:

The Pending Section are jobs that have not yet been assigned to a driver or "Dispatched". Once a driver is assigned or the status is manually changed to "dispatched" the job will move to the In-Progress section.

2) The In-Progress Section are jobs that have already been assigned to a driver or dispatched, but not yet complete (for example, driver en route, on site or towing in progress).

*Note: Once a job is assigned to a driver, they will receive all information via the Swoop Mobile App and be able to manage the statuses.


The Done tab displays ALL jobs that have been completed.

*Note: You can search any job details (VIN, License, Customer Name, Phone Number, Pick Up or Drop off Location ect.) by using the search field.



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