How do I set my rates?

Swoop allows you to set both default rates and account-specific rates for the services your company provides.

Please see this video on how to set rates! Or, you can follow the steps below.

Setting Default Rates

1)  Select Default Rates under the Account column.

2)  Select which service you would like to set the rate for under the Service column.

3)  Click the (+) plus button under the Rates column.

4)  Select what rate type you would like to set for the service selected.

5)  Input the price for the rate type selected and hit save.

Setting Account Specific Rates

1) Click the (+) plus button under the Account column. Select what account you would like to set rates for.

 2)  Make sure to select the account you would like to set rates for under the Account column.

3)  Follow steps 2-5 for "Setting Default Rates". 


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