How do I manage incoming jobs?

When a customer account sends you a job via Swoop, it will appear in the dashboard.

Viewing Job Details: Before deciding whether you'd like to accept or reject the job, check out the job details for important information about the job, such as the location and mileage calculations.

Accepting/Rejecting a Job: After looking at the job details select whether or not you would like to accept the job.


Accepting a Job: When you accept a job you will be prompted to enter an ETA.  

Selecting a Driver (optional): Assign the job to a driver.  This step is optional and requires that your drivers are logged in to our mobile driver app (Swoop Towing).

Rejecting a Job: If you choose to reject the job, you will be required to enter a reason why.

Once A Driver is Assigned:  The job will move from the Pending section to the In-Progress section as shown below.





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