How do I add Users and Trucks?

To add or edit your users, access the settings screen by clicking the gear icon found in the top right corner of the dashboard: 

Adding Users

1) Navigate to the Users tab and click the Create User button: 

2)  Enter User details and specify the appropriate permissioning by selecting Admin, Dispatcher, Answering Service, or Driver. You may select as many as apply:

Swoop utilizes a permissioning system to help you manage various users in your business:


3)  Click Add to finish creating the user

4)  You can edit user details at any time by clicking the pencil icon next to the user's name in the Users tab view: 



Adding Trucks

1)  Navigate to the Trucks tab and click the Create Truck button. You will see the following screen: 

2)  Enter the details and hit Add to add the truck to your database. 

3)  You can edit truck details at any time by clicking the pencil icon next to the truck's name from the Truck tab view. 


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