Navigating Swoop

  • Log in by entering your Username & Password.
  • You will land on your "Dashboard"
    • Manage Active jobs and search past jobs in the Done tab.
  • "Fleet" allows you to see an overview of all drivers on duty to help manage your operations.
  • "Invoices" will allow you to manage all completed job invoices.
    • Keep track of New, Sent and Paid invoices.
  • "Reporting" is a feature to track data to help manage operations.
  • "Storage" is where you can manage impound, storage and release operations.
  • Click your Name in the top right to access this Help Center anytime or Log Out of Swoop.
  • Click the Settings Wheel to Access:
    • Accounts: Add/Edit Motor Clubs or private accounts.
    • Rates: Set rates for your accounts.
    • Sites: Add/Edit HQ/Lots or other Locations for your business.
    • Places: Add frequently used locations to quickly input them into New Jobs. 
    • Trucks: Add/Edit Trucks
    • Users: Add/Edit Users
    • Configure: Customize your account and company information.


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