Customize Your Account

To Customize your Swoop Account

My Settings

1) Email Settings: Manage how you would like to receive emails for status updates.

2) Time Zone: Select which Time Zone you are located.

3) Dashboard Columns: Manage how you want your Active, Scheduled, Pending, In-Progress and Done tab to be laid out.

Company Settings (Admin Access Only)

1) Notifications

  • Review Emails: When a customer provides a text review
  • Phone calls for new job alerts: Turn on or off phone call notifications when new jobs are sent digitally. Swoop uses an automated phone call to notify your dispatchers when a new call is pending in the dashboard. 

2) Logo: Upload your company logo which will be attached to your dashboard and invoices.

3) Companies: Update your current Company Name and Tax ID or Add additional companies.

4) Dashboard Tabs: Use this to manage your Dashboard, here you can add or remove a "Scheduled" or "Pending" Tab

5) Dashboard Filters: Add the feature to your dashboard to allow dispatchers to filter by jobs assigned/created by them.

6) Dashboard Colors: Change the colors of the dashboard status bars for visual queues.

7) Services: Manage which services your company provides or add custom services.
*Services are selectable when creating a job and when setting rates.

8) Class Types: Manage Class Types for your fleet.
*Class Types modify the rate that is applied to the invoice for a particular service.

9) Additional Items: Manage or Add Custom Items which are selectable when editing invoices and setting rates. 

10) Storage Types: Add/Edit/Delete the types of storage you manage.
      10a) When adding a vehicle to storage


Swoop Has input basic waiver verbiage for your convenience. This can be edited at anytime.

1) Pick Up Waiver: Manage your legal waiver verbiage when customers sign at pick up via the mobile application.

2) Drop Off Waiver: Manage your legal waiver verbiage when customers sign for the vehicle at the drop off destination.

3) Invoice Waiver: Manage your legal invoice waiver verbiage that will only be viewable on the invoice.






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